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prepare for high school then prepare for college then prepare for your career then prepare for retirement then you’re dead 

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When Lily Evans told James Potter that she wouldn’t go out with him because he was a bully, he stopped bullying people and redeemed himself. When Lily told Severus Snape that she wouldn’t go out with him because he called her a racial slur, he went on to join a racist terrorist group.
Conclusion: James Potter handled rejection much better than Severus Snape does.

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It’s mainly about working hard and proving to people you’re serious about it, and stretching yourself and learning. The mistake a lot of actors make, particularly young ones, is allowing themselves to feel that they’re the finished articles, the bee’s knees, and it’s not true.

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Hogsmeade + Shop Advertisements

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GET SOME SPACE: It’s summer, you’re tired, but you finally got your goddamn break. A mix for lazy afternoons, slow nights, and all the fucks you stopped giving.   listen + download.

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  • potterheads: you came back...
  • harry: we never left.